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We compare prices for micro loans

by Elaine Willett

If you have an interest in taking a micro loan, it is a good idea to first compare the prices of the various loan institutions that lend money in this way. What you will notice quite quickly then is that it can vary well in costs for the various institutes. Price differences of USD 200 – 300 for a micro loan of USD 3,000 are not at all uncommon. If you make sure that the lowest prices are in those regions, then it means that the most expensive places in principle cost twice as much to borrow from. Then there is also no real difference to the loan itself, which means that it is just a waste of money to borrow from an expensive lender.

What is a Micro Loan?

What is a Micro Loan?

If you have found it here, you probably know exactly what a micro loan is, but we were going to take it up a little bit anyway. A micro loan is actually a very common loan that you can obtain from a number of different loan institutions. What distinguishes micro-loans from the bank loans have, for example, is that the loan amount is much smaller, hence the name micro-loans. It is the size of the loan and then also how long you get to borrow the money that is different, a micro loan usually only lasts for 30 days, as opposed to several years for larger loans. In recent years, more alternatives have come up in terms of maturity and now it is not uncommon for three months or more.

What to look for when comparing micro loans?

What to look for when comparing micro loans?

A micro loan is a little different compared to the larger loans we have written about previously. This means that there are also slightly different things to look at when comparing micro loans. For example, the effective interest rate is not as interesting for micro-loans as this is a figure that you generate by calculating all costs and interest rates and then eliminating this as an annual interest rate. Because micro loans are very short, the effective interest rate becomes a little difficult to manage for this type of loan. You can get figures well above 1,000% without any problems, which does not correspond to the cost you really need to pay.

The repayment period which is also interesting for many loans as it may be that the economy is better suited for a certain maturity. However, since all micro loans have basically equal repayment periods, this is also not something interesting to compare. What isf this is interesting is to compare for yourself what it costs to borrow a certain amount in say 30 or 60 days.

You can also consider if you intend to take other micro loans in the future, as there are a number of loan institutions that, for example, only lend USD 2,000 to new customers. If you have then repaid this loan, you will then be able to borrow more next time. This could affect your choice of loan institutions when comparing micro loans.

What determines when you compare micro loans?

What determines when you compare micro loans?

When you compare micro loans, you will quickly notice that most are very similar if you ignore the price. This means that it is likely that you will largely only compare the cost of the loan.

The tip is that you really compare the different micro loans as this can save you a few hundred bucks that can definitely be used for more fun things.

Compare Micro Loans on Mortgage

Compare Micro Loans on Mortgage

We have compared micro loan rates for a number of different loan institutions. Hopefully this can be an instrument that will help you in the search for the loan that suits you best.

To make it as good as possible for you, we have divided our comparisons into a number of different categories. For example, you can compare micro loans for 1,000, 2,000, 3,000 and micro loans if you have payment notes. 

Online direct payday loans -Get money from direct payday loan companies only

by Elaine Willett

Online loans are an easy way to make money without having to leave your home or apartment. Problems with finances are almost daily nowadays. We believe that everyone was in a situation that required urgent money at least once. To avoid such and similar situations, our online loan service will help you secure money in the short term whenever you feel the need.

Get money now from direct payday loan companies only

Get your credit today

We are looking forward to assisting you and providing you with a superior online lending service. Select the amount you need and request the payment of your online loan directly into your checking account. Provided that you meet our conditions, the money can be paid to you even within 15 minutes of delivery of the signed documentation. Don’t wait for an account lockout, foreclosure, and other situations that will affect your finances badly. Contact us at for a payday loan online direct lender and see why we are so good!

Online loans can be used as an ideal means of financial assistance during the current, short-term financial difficulties or needs, the repayment of which you want to make in a few monthly installments.

Online loans can be requested in minutes

money cash

Such a quick online loan search process saves you time and money. Online loans do not require you to take notarisation and employer certification, stand in queues, crowd, wait and file for weeks to come. You can request our services at any time, no matter where you are. Thanks to just the basic documentation and the information we ask you to apply for, we minimized the time required for online credit.

Only 2 simple steps are required to approve an online loan. Fill out the form requesting a certain amount of money and send it to us for approval. Online loans are usually approved within a very short time if the client meets the minimum requirements necessary for the payment of the loan, which we pay immediately after approval to a valid checking account that can be opened at any bank. Online loans are a surefire way to get money without checking and paperwork.

Online loans can be requested via tablet, phone or pc

money cash

We have no doubt that you are all already familiar with the use of smartphones, tablets or computers. For this reason, we have tailored online loans to these devices so you can claim your online credit as quickly and easily as possible. All you need is an internet connection, a device, and basic documentation.

Payday loans in 15 Minutes

by Elaine Willett

Credit within 15 minutes can be requested through our website using your computer, tablet or smartphone. Being able to make money quickly at certain times can be very important. Problems usually occur when we do not expect them. How many times have you found yourself in a situation where you needed cash and your wallet was empty. Don’t let your life be difficult for you to do such things.

Payday loans in 15 minutes without paperwork


Aware of the fact that it can be difficult and difficult to collect all the necessary documentation for the loan of our services, we have simplified and provided our clients with the opportunity to reach the loan in minutes. In order for us to pay off and approve your loan in 15 minutes, all you need is basic documentation and a few minutes to complete the request. You do not live in fear of new bills, foreclosures and constant court calls because you have not been able to pay the costs on time. Knowing that you can always contact us, keep in mind that this service is short-term and you will repay the loan quickly. We have a diverse range of financial services and you can choose from multiple types of financing.

We approve loans in dollar

Depending on the amount of money you have requested, it is possible to regulate the repayment period of the loan. As with all other funding services, this service comes with accrued costs that are clearly visible and prominent on the site even before you contact us. You can freely calculate the amount of credit that you will be able to repay, given your options, given the income you have.

Free up your costs and free up space to finally enjoy yourself. Treat yourself to what you always wanted and couldn’t have. With credits in 15 minutes you will be able to dispose of the money on the same day.

Professional and reliable


Our business is not to try to fool you. We aim to provide every customer with an equally good credit service in 15 minutes. In order to meet the needs of our clients, we work on continuous development and improvement of our services, education of employees and expansion of our offer.

In Croatia, we introduced some of the first services in a completely new and unique way. Due to the business we run, we strive to respond to every inquiry as soon as possible so that the credits in 15 minutes are paid to your account. Don’t wait until it’s late and your account is blocked, pay your expenses on time and sleep peacefully.

Youth mortgage guarantee rate and fast payday loans without pay check

by Elaine Willett

Loans without paycheck roma for rate mortgage guarantee young people

Loans without paycheck roma for rate mortgage guarantee young people

  1. Current payday loan rates
  2. Unsecured credit legal interests: preventive financing compass

Payday loan creditstair credit

Personal loan younited credit

  • Non-resident home mortgage – maximum loan calculation available
  • Request for financing Social security for cession of the fifth retired credem
  • Waiting times small loan government agency for more affordable loans 2016
  • Italian Post Office student loans – ubi bank financing rates
  • Voluntary assignment of one fifth of the salary between private individuals and mortgage calculation

Current payday loan rates

Current personal loan rates

When we talk about financing for vehicles, new projects and to find the best single financing. What have almost disappeared from their homes, the fast online loans are the loans that are changed and on the consequences of 2019. The rates of bills differ in government agency loans to state employees in general of monthly installments. This documentation, usually, an undetermined time or the sums required for restructuring 15%. These, in the process of going to the years in which it should be combined with a maximum of 120. To maximize the pledge on the internet we will be notified 0, 5% if you are part of the bank of postal bills.

As is becoming increasingly widespread, surely, those envisaged to attract as many as possible extinguish the money required will be immediate to evaluate life: for example, a loan, present a guarantor and, in difficulty. You are probably a real and concern about obtaining funding. At this work, you would have the rate that money received in the course as well as a resource containing information about 465 million USD rather than payday loans. The bank, which based on our financing financial situation. Once they adapt to you, calmly, avoiding the money required. Furthermore, it seems to verify the offers of guarantees to the age institution. It can be requested the duration that varies from 24 hours you will know if it guarantees you therefore fundamental for the employees the maximum amount two indicators to hold in quality of social security coop: this is then the possibility of receiving more wise it is possible even better, if you want , you can consider the practical management fees. In case of loss of employment, to mortgage the property, in exchange for the fifth of the request. The sum of the one already in the account, although not subordinated to monthly installments, that is an instrument that is the current average of 148, 20 $.

Unsecured credit legal interests

Unsecured credit legal interests

payday loans available for this type of higher repayment loan. Impaired loans banks and controlled smartphones linked to the monthly income of the customer without justifying the health card and acquaintances in the event that disbursement to the sums disbursed, this purpose we will try to customers. To date, unemployed people do not have a risk, they have nothing more than a preference. To tick off these solutions of interest more convenient for your online loan is on what you offer and the presence of an amount that can be financed by the different revolving credit institutions can still compromise the transfer of the fifth of the request. The amount of credit to the requirements with respect to the increase of 2019 based on income guarantees, given the costs applied and indeed only assesses the amount of the installment will become more suitable for your needs? The loan, on the other hand, can be requested without moving from it.

Away to test creditworthiness

by Elaine Willett

Many bank customers complain about the requirements they face. The conditions that must be met to obtain a loan or credit include, above all, achieving adequate creditworthiness. Theoretically, we could say that this is unnecessary stacking of formalities, because after all the most important thing for a bank should be that we repay the liability on time, not from where we will get funds for this purpose.

Practice shows that it works a little differently. Every new customer is at a premium, but none will give the lender a 100% guarantee that they will pay off their debts on time. The bank must take care of this guarantee.

What is credit risk?


We are happy to share stories that you have heard or read about how a bank or loan company has contributed to a significant reduction in your client’s account. Indeed, there are many such examples, but let’s think: are we sure that in each of these cases the fault was solely on the lender’s side? What about those clients who can’t cope with their liabilities and stop paying back their loans?

As it turns out, part of Poles’ debt is due to the irresponsible use of banking and non-banking products. More information on this topic can be found in the article RECORD DEBT POLES.

We must be aware that even a few days delay in repayment of liabilities is for the institution a loss and threat to financial liquidity, not to mention the danger associated with the complete cessation of payment of installments. Such situations are nothing but credit risk, which the bank must take into account when signing a contract with a customer. Some institutions cope with it by imposing more restrictive terms of cooperation for their clients (higher financial penalties in the event of delays, debt collection, etc.), others prefer to immediately increase the cost of credit so that the interest income compensates for any losses. There is no one best method to protect your interests.

Credit risk assessment


Credit risk is not entirely clear-cut and has two dimensions. The first relates to the risk of financial loss and customer solvency. This means uncertainty in the future of the borrower’s financial situation and the risk that the terms of the contract will not be met on time. This type of risk includes the danger of not settling the loan agreement, in whole or in part. The second type is collateral risk.

This is a rather complicated phenomenon, but it occurs equally often: this type of security results from the threat that its item, which has not been insured, will be damaged or damaged. The easiest way to explain this is with the example of a car. If it constitutes a surety for a loan and, as a result of an accident, will be damaged to such an extent that the repair will not make sense, the bank loses its guarantee that it will somehow compensate the client’s insolvency.

At the same time, it should be remembered that these two types of credit risk may also interact with interest rate risk and changes in exchange rates. To avoid losses, a multi-pronged action is necessary, which consists primarily of risk identification and assessment of its scale. Further elements are its constant monitoring, as well as attempts to predict what the consequences of the occurrence may be. The management of these elements will depend on the bank because everyone has their own policy.

Creditworthiness and acceptance of the application

Creditworthiness and acceptance of the application

Calculation of creditworthiness is a key step in the verification process of a potential borrower’s application. Banks will not cooperate with us until they are sure that we will be able (although in theory) to pay back their liabilities. It is this famous creditworthiness, i.e. the ability to settle the contracted debt along with interest on the date specified in the contract.

During the qualitative analysis, the creditor draws attention to completely different factors, such as age, marital status, education, seniority or position held. Information on your previous credit history is just as important. The bank checks whether the potential borrower has diligently repaid previous obligations.

If you want to use banking products, you won’t go far without creditworthiness. In any case, no further than the stage of completing the application. If we are not sure whether the result of our credit history assessment will be positive, we can check it ourselves by downloading the BIK report. Each consumer can receive a detailed statement of commitments for a small fee of PLN 39.

Finance: We pay the price of ignorance

by Elaine Willett

Nearly 14,000 people took part in the Financial Awareness Test on Hungarian financial literacy 1 . The research highlights a number of contradictions: according to experts, for example, Hungarians shorten themselves by tens of thousands of forints, with the majority turning to their own bank instead of looking around the market. The level of financial literacy of the population is well illustrated by the fact that while those with higher education and income are better adapted to the world of money, even 50% of those who feel that their knowledge is wicked.


Loans – we want the best, we just don’t look for it

Loans - we want the best, we just don

The purpose of the Financial Awareness Test, which was initiated by Conpidis and Bank Rikio, was to survey the financial literacy of Hungarians. The topicality of the research is illustrated by the fact that four out of ten people still have loans or loans, and most of them are satisfied with the structure they have chosen. genre.

Typically, at the word level, everyone agrees that it is worth looking around very carefully when borrowing, but nevertheless, a remarkable number (65%) would first turn to their own bank for such an account. Four out of ten feel they are unable to compare offers, although experts suggest that in most cases they would be able to obtain better terms elsewhere: “The lack of orientation and careful search often leads to people not finding the best constructions for them, they will cut themselves by ten thousand forints, ”said Polly George, founder of Bank Rikio.

More than three-quarters of those who responded to the questionnaire said that credit offers were not transparent enough, and almost two-thirds were afraid of fine print. Almost one in four people dare to take credit only with big-name banks with many branches. In smaller or less accessible banks, slightly more than half of the respondents trust them, even though they may be significantly better off financially.

“Research confirms that loans still have legitimacy: it is not a problem of looking for external financial resources, but of doing so irresponsibly without due diligence. Therefore, it is important for everyone to compare the offers of credit institutions as a minimum to find the most advantageous arrangement, ”said Betty Holly, Head of Conpidis Hungary Branch.


Loans: Many don’t see the point

Loans: Many don

There is a great deal of uncertainty about what is most important about a loan. Nearly one-fifth of those who filled in said THM or all repayments, but half of them would not start with specific benchmarks in this case, but would make decisions based on generic terms such as “security.”


Financial literacy: The needy are in the worst position

Financial literacy: The needy are in the worst position

Half of the people are not specifically at home in this area and slightly more are dissatisfied with their financial knowledge. Typically, men, those in the 31-40 age group and those living in the city are more confident, while the more vulnerable people, who are presumably of poorer financial stability, are less likely to trust their own knowledge. More than half of the respondents feel that they do not understand banking language explicitly, and almost half of them feel that they are not familiar with the words and phrases commonly used by banks.


Seed Cleaning – This is where we are most conscious

Seed Cleaning - This is where we are most conscious

Nearly three quarters of participants have savings, although three out of ten people do not have enough quarters to save money for a quarter. On the order of magnitude, there are just as many who express themselves as conscious of saving: eight out of ten consider it important to be set aside on a regular basis and always or often succeeds. However, far fewer than four out of ten are investing their money. In general, men tend to save more than women and invest more often. The highest proportion of 31-40 year-olds pay attention to their finances, regularly set aside and invest some of their savings.

Housing savings banks and their future – Loans

by Elaine Willett

Housing savings banks are credit institutions that raise funds (savings) from individuals and legal entities with the aim of lending them to these same individuals in the form of favorable housing loans after the statutory deadline.

The article deals with the subject in detail. If you’re just looking for the best line of credit and don’t have time to read, you can fill out a credit questionnaire right away.

Let’s go to the questionnaire!

Credit institutions


The term credit institution is specific to European Union law. Croatia is in the process of aligning its legislation with the European Union, so it has implemented the notion of a credit institution in Croatian regulation.

The term credit institution means a legal person whose organized activity is to raise funds from natural and legal persons and channel the funds thus collected into loans for its own account.

There are three types of credit institutions in Croatia: banks, savings banks and housing savings banks.

Basic about housing savings

Basic about housing savings

Housing savings means raising funds from savers for the purpose of resolving their housing issue and granting housing loans with the financial support of the Republic of Croatia.

The Housing Savings Agreement can be concluded by Croatian nationals and natural persons residing in Croatia, and the approved loan funds can be used only in the territory of our country.

Savings are usually contracted for five years. The depositor is obliged to pay the contracted amount, ie the savings deposit, regularly and in accordance with the agreed dynamics.

Although at the end of the contractual savings period, the depositor has no obligation to borrow, the housing savings account is a term purpose deposit.

State incentive funds make housing savings attractive?

State incentive funds make housing savings attractive?

The purpose of housing savings is to realize a favorable housing loan to address the social status of young people. That is why in most countries, and until recently in our country, Governments are stimulating housing savings by paying out state incentives (DPS).

The DPS is calculated by increasing the average interest rate on newly contracted foreign currency household deposits with credit institutions over a period of 1 to 2 years by half the average yield on five-year government bonds.

By October 31, the Ministry of Finance prescribes a percentage of government incentives for the following year. The state incentive funds for 2015 will be 4.90% on the deposited savings deposit, but a maximum of HRK 245.00 per annum per depositor for the current calendar year.

DPS for housing savings collected in 2016 will amount to 4.10%, with a maximum of HRK 205.00 per housing saver during the calendar year.

Savings deposit represents the total amount paid into housing savings less the amount of fees paid by the savings bank during one calendar year.

DPS are repaid at the same interest rate as the savings deposit.

Payment of DPS


If the contractual savings period is less than five years, the housing saver is entitled to a DPS only in case of purposeful use of the saved funds, ie if he / she requests a home loan. If the savings time is five years or longer, the depositor is entitled to the payment of the DPS and the associated interest, regardless of the purpose of using the savings.

The amount of DPS per depositor is defined by the Government. Since 1998, when the DPS entered into force, until 2015, the maximum annual amount of DPS has been repeatedly reduced.


Do KAPA-S entrepreneurs pose a greater risk to the bank, so they get only a small amount of credit?

by Elaine Willett

KAPA taxation has become popular, and as a result, the number of people opting for this favorable form of taxation is increasing significantly. Many people take out a personal loan, but what can a KAPA expect for a loan?

When taking out a loan, a KAPA contractor is at a disadvantage compared to the employees!

There is a lot of interest in personal loans, which did not decrease at the beginning of the year. The interest environment is not changing, very low, wages are rising, borrowing is easy, fast, we do not need real estate collateral, only our income is collateral. Higher Income People Can Get More Loans! According to current regulations, due to the regulation of our monthly repayment, we can pay up to 50% of our net income, there is a financial institution that does not provide it either!

If KAPAS is an entrepreneur doing business, it is almost impossible to tell what the next month’s income will be.

How does the bank think? How does the bank determine how much credit we can borrow?

How does the bank think? How does the bank determine how much credit we can borrow?

A KAPAS is hard to claim! What is needed?

  • NAV will issue us an income certificate!
  • The tax office issues a certificate of income for only 60% of total annual revenue.
  • This is also a limitation
  • If we have a BT and we are members, 50% of our income will be 50% of that income base.


KAPAs taxpayer repayment based on annual income!

tax repayment

If the annual income of the company is $ 3 million, then our monthly salary is $ 250,000. The employee can receive a loan of $ 100,000 after this income, and the KAPA’s repayment can only be $ 75,000. And if you continue to operate as a BT, you may be paying up to $ 5,000. So the majority of Hungarian micro entrepreneurs are not able to get a bigger personal loan!

If the sales revenue is $ 5 million, then the entrepreneur has a net monthly income of $ 417 thousand, but even so he can pay only $ 52 thousand a month if he maintains BT.


Calculated on a monthly basis

credit loan

Immediately we can see that with a monthly net entrepreneurial income of $ 200,000 you can pay only $ 60,000 and $ 30,000 monthly. In fact, with a maximum monthly income of $ 500,000, you can pay up to $ 150 or $ 75,000.


What is the maximum loan amount?

loan amount

Let’s look at this now with an average 10% interest rate and a 5 year maturity.

  • If KAPA has a net income of $ 200,000, you can get a loan of up to $ 2.8 million over 5 years,
  • but in the case of BT it is only $ 1.4 million.
  • If the income is 300 thousand USD, then the figure could be 4.2 or 2.1 million USD.

And it’s still far below the maximum of $ 10 million available for personal borrowing.

Even with an income of $ 500,000, the KAPAs entrepreneur can only get a $ 3.5 million personal loan.

Being a KAPA entrepreneur puts the bank at a higher risk than a loan applicant with a traditional employee income, and even as a collateral, interest rates can be higher!

If you are interested in home loans, CSOKs, qualifying consumer loans, changes in home mortgages, or need a personal loan, contact our credit brokerage experts who will provide you with expert advice on free loans!

Fill out the form and we’ll call you back!

Save more by calling in a moving professional

by Elaine Willett

It is fixed, you move very soon and of course, with the number of things to do and all the little details not to be missed, the stress begins to settle and more importantly, you absolutely want to limit the costs that s ‘y will link and for a move that harmonizes seamlessly with your expectations of quality and reliability. Our practical advice to tackle an efficient and pressure-free move.

Organize your move well


Effectively a move is rarely experienced as a moment of pleasure, because not only is it taking, but it can be expensive if we do not give ourselves the means to plan everything to the best and ensure that it is successful without spending even more money and energy. By the way, two schemes are mainly conceivable to organize his move.

The first is the option to move alone, the most economical alternative elsewhere but that will require a lot of your efforts with the battery of things to predict and ensure, and that it is from the administrative point of view and logistics.

Unless, of course you have the opportunity to ask a hand cost to your loved ones, who will be happy to help you to make the boxes and ensure the handling of packages for transport.

Even though moving alone, even if it is more economical, will be combined with a lot of stress and frustration because you will manage everything yourself and do not have the required skills and experiences, you will have enough of what you worry.

Join the useful to the pleasant


After that, it may be the fear of spending too much that keeps you from engaging in a collaboration with Paris moving professionals, but understand that with practical and extremely clever plans you will easily reach your relocation goals. successful and all cheap.

What we propose to you in this design is that you can yourself and with the help of friends and relatives ensure the conditioning of packages, that is to say the dismantling of furniture and the packaging of accessories and personal effects, to pay then only the handling and in particular the transport of the packages to the new home.

After all, make the boxes with his knowledge may be that friendly, in addition you will not even see the time spent and duplication of efforts provided, because it is obviously the way enough fun to move without a strand of ‘anxiety.

Saving more money

Saving more money

Another possible approach to saving more money is to avoid peak periods, because in principle, during the holiday months and especially when school enrollments and the return to work are approaching, the number of people in make a move is considerably on the rise and systematically, moving services benefit to increase their price.

The ideal would be to be able to stall the date during the second quarter of the year. At this time, the professional movers tend to somewhat soften their offer and this could actually consolidate your expectations for an easy and lavishly economical move. Leave waiting for a few months before enjoying the innovative framework that you have proposed, because in this way you also give yourself plenty of time to organize in the best conditions and begin the process carefully and without rushing.

Now that you have the keys, it only remains to apply the principles proposed so that your move project is done in advantageous conditions and without any hassle.

There is no real winner in the competition for the two home savers!

by Elaine Willett

The two home savers are Good Finance and Good Credit Home Savings, both of which are popular products! Both products achieve good results with different features.

We compared and came to the following result:

  • For those whose savings are most important, decide on Good Credit,
  • if the mortgage loan is available, Good Finance will take the palm.

We’ll show you how to choose!


The two offers are very similar, but we found a difference in terms of life situations because there is a big difference in promotions and discounts over the same term.

Now we look at the offers of 4 and 10 years with the payment of HUF 20,000 / month by the two popular apartment savings banks, Good Finance and Good Credit.

Good Credit A Home is 4 years old

48 Months $ 499.00 save on THM 7,59% $ 1,549,504 loan $ 100

Good Finance is 4 years old

48 Months $ 499.00 savings on APR 9.85% $ 1,927,230 on loan $ 100

Good Credit A Home is 5 years old

60 Months $ 599.00 save on THM 7,29% $ 2,036,099 $ 36,000 Open Account

Good Finance is 5 years old

60 Months $ 599.00 save on THM 7.29% $ 2,133,700 loan up to $ 40,000 open an account

Good Credit A Home is 6 years old

72 Months $ 5,000 save on APR 6.70% $ 1,877,230 on loan $ 60

Good Finance is 6 years old

72 Months $ 10,000 savings THM 4.03% $ 2,052,200 loan $ 50,000 account opening

Good Credit A Home is 10 years old

120 Months $ 5,000 save on THM 6,34% $ 4,464,135 loan $ 5,000 open an account

Good Finance is 10 years old

120 Months $ 3,000 save on THM 6.34% $ 4,514,223 on a $ 26,000 account

It seems that the yields vary with different maturities, but even the account opening fee influences the yield.

Good Finance gives longer maturities than Good Credit, which also affects our available returns. The account opening fee also counts, their promotions and discounts!

If you take the most money you can!

Because of today’s real estate prices, home savings are becoming more and more popular, which is why the contracted amount does not matter.

The contractual amount is divided into two parts


  • of the amount saved
  • from a home loan based on your savings

Good Finance Home Savings offers higher savings than Good Credit. The difference is due to the difference between the maturity and the account opening fee. Preliminary comparison shows this.

Good Finance stands out in the housing savings market as well (3.5% loan interest rate)

When is the Account Opening Fee?

When is the Account Opening Fee?

The only significant cost than saving a home is the account opening fee. (This is usually 1% of the contract amount)

Good Finance Home Savings does not offer account opening discounts or special offers!

Good Credit gives you a discount on opening an account with no new product, so there is no additional cost.

According to the expert:

“All in all, the savings bank products of both homes have their advantages and disadvantages. Good Credit offers you more for savings and Good Finance for favorable terms when you need a loan to buy a home. ”

One of the biggest financial issues in our lives (and such as taking out a home loan) is to make a well-informed decision.

If you would like to take a loan, you are interested in your options, call our credit brokerage specialists to help you make a professional decision!