John Deere Pledges $ 1.7 Million to River Bend Food Bank


MOLINE, Illinois (KWQC) – John Deere announced a $ 1.7 million pledge to the River Bend Food Bank at a press conference Thursday morning. According to the food bank, the organization distributed 23.1 million meals in 2020.

“The highest level of pre-COVID food insecurity we have ever had was in 2009 with the Great Recession. We worked for ten years to roll back that and if COVID had not happened we would have announced that we had finally reduced food insecurity to a level below what it was in 2008. Then COVID came along and the need jumped fifty percent, ”said Mike Miller, President and CEO.

Miller says the food bank served more than 160,000 people last year.

“A lot of organizations wanted to get through COVID and hope things get back to normal, and by all means we want to relive our lives, but we want to keep giving out so much food and more because that’s what it will take to put end the problem, ”Miller says.

Money donated by John Deere will also help the food bank bounce back after working with fewer resources last year.

“They [donors] had nothing more to give us. Plus, we usually have four thousand volunteers a year and it didn’t help because we were trying to keep everyone safe, ”says Miller.

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