Minutes of the FSCC Board of Directors of May 17th


Board meeting minutes
May 17, 2021
PRESENT: John Bartelsmeyer, Jim Fewins, Dave Elliott, Kirk Hart, Bill Meyer and Robert Nelson (via Zoom)
ALSO PRESENT: Alysia Johnston, President, Juley McDaniel, Clerk of the Council, Faculty and Staff
President Bartelsmeyer opened the meeting at 5:32 p.m. in the Cleaver-Burris-Boileau room. The meeting was opened
with the oath of allegiance.

CHAIRMAN’S COMMENTS: Chair Bartelsmeyer praised the FSCC maintenance and conservation teams,
noting that they are often behind the scenes but greatly contribute to the success of the FSCC. “They are not mentioned enough.
Thank you.”

CONSENT AGENDA: A motion was moved by Fewins, seconded by Elliott, and unanimously carried to approve
the consent agenda.

A. A motion was presented by Nelson, seconded by Meyer, and unanimously carried to approve the COVID mitigation recommendation of the COVID committee of the FSCC with the intention of changing a provision for students and / or employees in environments requiring a mask.
B. A motion was moved by Meyer, seconded by Fewins, and unanimously carried to approve the purchase of SKC Zoom Room equipment for $ 114,391.46.
C. A motion was moved by Elliott, seconded by Hart, and unanimously carried to approve the purchase of a mini excavator from OT Truck & Tractor Sales for $ 30,900.

ITEMS FOR CONSIDERATION: The Council considered the letters of correspondence.

A. ADMINISTRATIVE UPDATES: Council has reviewed and heard reports from the Miami County Campus,
Student Services, Athletics, Education, Finance and Operations, and the President.
ADJOURNMENT: As there were no further business to deal with before the Trustees, a motion to adjourn was made at 6:28 a.m.
pm by Elliott, seconded by Fewins, and carried unanimously.

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