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PEMBROKE – The Lumbee Tribal Council on Thursday approved a budget of $ 1.5 million, which will consist of money provided as part of the US bailout.

The budget, which is separate from the tribe’s main budget and is channeled through the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program, will be known as the LIHEAP ARP budget. The total amount is $ 1,568,375, said Sharon Hunt, secretary of the Tribal Council.

Budget items will include $ 1,294,897.34 for the cooling assistance program, $ 156,837.50 for administrative services, $ 76,409.01 for two salaried positions and $ 31,213.15 for fringe benefits.

The budget ordinance was approved without comment.

Also on Thursday, the Tribal Council approved a resolution calling on the Gaston County School District Board of Directors to support tribal legislation discouraging institutions from using mascots that negatively represent American Indians and to remove the Red Raider mascot from South Point High School. The school is located in the Gaston County Public School District.

The council in October approved a resolution supporting the National Congress of American Indian, which warns against negative stereotypes associated with Native American mascots.

The resolution opposes “all derogatory, offensive and / or inflammatory Native American mascots for all educational institutions.”

Despite the continued petition from Native American tribes, “there is still a lack of interest from these agencies, institutions or individuals regarding the negative and psychological impact,” said Ivonne Dial, chair of the Lumbee Tribal Council Education Committee.

In the resolution approved Thursday, the Red Raider mascot is described as “offensive, dehumanizing, mocking and humiliating” towards Native Americans.

The resolution was approved unanimously.

A motion to support Upstream USA failed after a tribal council member requested additional information about the program.

According to the association’s website, “Upstream USA is working to expand opportunities by reducing unplanned pregnancies across the United States.

Council member Gerald Goolsby, District 2, said he asked for more information about the organization at a committee meeting, but has yet to receive it.

“Because of my religious beliefs about abortion, and stuff of that nature, I will respectfully request that we postpone this,” he said.

The request to postpone the vote was rejected as the item had already been approved in committee and must be put to the vote. The motion to support Upstream USA failed on an 8-5 vote. Six members of the Council abstained.

In other cases, the Council has approved an ordinance to establish a Lumbee Tribal Constitution Reform Committee.

The Lumbee Tribal and Constitutional Ordinance committee voted on June 3 to establish a committee to assist with constitutional reform to update the founding document to better reflect the ever-changing Lumbee society, Wendy said. Moore, Chair of the Constitutional Ordinance Committee.

The new committee will work with the Tribal Council Constitution Order Committee to develop the process and amendments to establish constitutional reform.

“The Lumbee Tribal Council laid out the constitution through ordinances, but to date the tribal constitution has only one amendment dated November 16, 2001,” Moore said.

Also on Thursday, the Council learned that the tribe had awarded 44 of the 81 scholarships 2020-21 to members of the tribe.

Two of the 44 were the first recipients of the new Garret Cain Goolsby scholarship. The scholarship is awarded to a male and female athlete selected by a committee formed by the education, culture and public relations committees. Each recipient received $ 500.

All fellows will be listed on the Lumbee Tribe Facebook page and website.

Council also voted to allow the use of a maximum of $ 1,721 from the Economic Development Committee’s unrestricted fund account for promotional items.

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